New Ny Nursing Student Trying To Get Into Hospital For Special Surgery Nyc. Advise

  1. i am a new nursing student adn program, i am very interested in working at the hospital for special surgery in manhattan. i was an emt for the nyc fire dept. years ago and really that is all the experience i have when it comes to health care. is there anyone out there that can suggest how to get into this hospital into a position that will pay decent enough to live and get through nursing school, i am open to different positions within the hospital and have a fairly flexible schedule. thanks for your time.
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  3. by   Sammi15
    Just wondering, what's so great about this hospital?
  4. by   LadyT618
    You can just apply for a position as a Nurse Tech on any of the floors or a Unit Asst. in the OR, if that's where you're interested in working. Contact HR at the hospital.

    And to answer the second post, HSS is second in the country for orthopedics and third in the country in rheumatology. They are also first in the Northeast in ortho also. It is a good place to work, if you are very much interested in ortho and just to get your experience in general.
  5. by   RNsoon!
    Hey, I rememeber you! Are you attending the Nursing program at Beth Israel? How's it going so far? How did you preform on the NLN exam again? I should be taking it over once again, sometime in January.Best wishes to you!