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  1. Hello Everyone!!

    I am a recent college graduate interested in pursuing a career in nursing.

    I graduated with a bachelors degree in psychology and was wondering if anyone would recommend schools in the new york city area.
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  3. by   donsterRN
    Welcome to All Nurses!!!

    I don't have advice about specific schools, but certainly someone who does will come along with good information. Try posting on the student forums or on the NY Nurses forum.

    Much luck and success to you!
  4. by   3Triages
    Based on what others have informed me recently- NYU, Downstate, Adelphi, SUNY Stonybrook, Pace, Columbia. Also, Molloy (L.I.). I hope this helps some.
  5. by   Smilez417
    Thanks 3 Triangles~ I have a list of SUNY and CUNY schools that I want to apply for. This is an amazing forum and I've been researching for schools and needed advice on how to start my career towards nursing.

    So far, I am planning on applying to Adelphi, Downstate, and Farmingdale.
    And for Cunys: Lehman, Uniondale, La Guardia, KBCC.

    Is there any other schools I should be applying for? Initially, I was looking for an ADN program and get myself plugged in to a hospital where I can get tuition reimbursement and then head on to my Rn-BSN track. But from reading all the posted threads, alot of hospitals do not hire ADN's or am I wrong?? It just seemed like a fool-proof plan to me since time and funding is at stake for me. =/

    ALso, are there any CNA programs happening any time soon?? I would really like to find a respectable institution, preferrably a cheap/free course if there is any!! haha nah but really - anyone who was/is a CNA- where did you take your courses in NY??

    Thanks a bunch guys~ and God bless =)