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    i'm currently working on my bsn in texas. i'll be graduating dec 2007- hopefully... after graduation, i plan on moving to nyc. i really don't know anyone there, and how to get started. i was wondering if i could get some advice on how to get started... i have looked at hospital websites ( nyu and mt. sinai), but it just offered general info.

    here are some of my questions:
    ~should i take (&pass) nclex first before applying for jobs?
    ~which hospitals offer relocation assistance?
    ~i'm interested in nyu and mt. sinai for their reputation... need info on working environment, experiences, internships in particular (pay rates, benefits, carreer advncmnts,etc.)???
    ~how are the internships and application process? is it hard to land a job in nyc after nursing school? what should i expect?
    ~housing? what's the best place (apt/neighborhood) for a single, early twnties, rn? any apt/neighborhoods with nurses in the area? i am farrrr from rich-- so i would need a place that is decent and somewhat affordable. i would like a place close to the hospital- walking distance or do most rns take taxis to work? i really don't know all about public transportation. i live in dallas and i drive myself everywhere... should i take my car to nyc?
    ~~i know nyc is very expensive... anyone know on much one should save up for bills in a month? gas? elctrcty? water?
    ~ any other hospitals worth checking out??? info?

    i know this is a lot to ask... but any info would be helpful.
    i'm really excited about moving to nyc... dallas is great, but i just need to experience other places...
    thanks in advance*

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  3. by   deadlydevil
    hi i think we both are sailing in same kinda boat for same destination.
  4. by   iheartnurses
    everyone is telling me to live in NJ then commute... but i really want to be in the city.