Need Input Please about Best PT Jobs for Nursing Students!

  1. I'm a newish full-time nursing student at the moment, and I need ideas for a good part-time job with health benefits (health benefits being the most important), preferably on Long Island or Queens if possible. I am also a certified CNA. Do part-time or per diem workers at hospitals/nursing homes get health benefits if I work for them as a CNA? If so, how many hours per day would I need to work in order to qualify? Also, please list some places that offer health benefits or send me a private message. Please help because I'm afraid of remaining a nursing student without health benefits for the next 3 years of my BSN program! Plus, the yearly physical exams/immunizations are getting quite expensive without health insurance! Thanks for your time.

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  3. by   lisarhans
    I'm starting school in June. My school requires health insurance and it is provided through the school. The cost is added into our tuition. I am surprised that it is not mandatory at your school as well. Perhaps your school provides it at a low cost? Sorry I can't be of more help.
  4. by   Bklyn_RN
    In this economy we're in, it would be tough to find any job period. Much less a part-time one with health benefits. Not that they do not exist. Usually state and city jobs provide health benefits for part-timers, and some large companies.

    My advise to you is that if you are unemployed, you most likely will qualify for medicaid or some other state funded low cost health coverage, like Family Health Plus, to name just one.

    Look into it.