Need help! Preparing for an interview in NY!!

  1. Hey guys, newbie here! lol *waves* I may have an interview coming up at NYU, and am trying to prepare. I am looking for any advice or imput on interviews for new RNs, like what kind of things were you asked, what the process was like, how you got through it, the best kind of questions to ask in return, etc. If anyone has either interviewed there or just wants to add interview experience they've had, I would appreciate it so much!!! :hgu: Thank you!! sparklyrn
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  3. by   sparklyrn
    Anybody?? I *have* gone through a lot of the posts pertaining to this kinda stuff, but was really hoping to hear from some of you that are working there or have interviewed at NYU. I'm a little nervous! :wink2: Appreciate any info though!
  4. by   Gauze
    When are you going? I can't answer your question right now but I can in the near future
  5. by   sparklyrn
    Hi Gauze! I think i just posted on your reply to a related post! :spin: lol Well, they said it would be soon, when things start to *hopefully* pick up a little - it could be as soon as in like a couple of weeks, or maybe a few weeks depending on the availability and how the program is...either way I really need to get in gear and prepare in case i go in soon. I appreciate your help in advance, dear!
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  6. by   singas0ng
    I didn't interview at NYU but I can tell you about my interview experience at another New York Hospital. It was a two part process where I was interviewed by the HR first and then interviewed by the Nurse Manager. All in all, the interview process is similar to any other interview process. The best way to prepare is to do mock interviews so that you are prepped for whatever questions that comes your way!

    For example, they asked about my strengths and weaknesses. They asked about how I dealt with difficult coworkers (display teamwork here) or difficult patient and family. They will almost 100% ask you why you want to work for NYU (Make sure to research the background and mission statement of NYU) and why you want to work with the patient population that you want to work with. The best tip I got for these is to come up with very specific clinical or non clinical experience that you can relate.

    One question that I really liked and asked the nurse manager was to ask her what specific challenges I might face as a new graduate nurse on the unit.

    This list covers good amount so just look through it and make sure you are able to come up with a response.

    Good luck! Take a deep breath.
  7. by   sparklyrn
    Hi singaSong! Thanks for your reply about how your interview went. It's really helpful. I'm trying to relax about the whole thing, I think we learned deep breathing/relax exercises back in one of my psych clinicals, I should go find my notes. lol! I appreciate your help and also the link! I'll let you know how things turn out, and keep in touch!