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  1. Hi!

    Right now I am attending Nassau Community College and will be applying to the nursing program in the Fall. We have to take one math class - no specific one so I choose Algebra. I took College Algebra about 13 years ago and received a C+. Since this school is very competitive for nursing the nursing department recommends that if you received a grade lower than B to retake it. So I retake it this semester (again I could have taken any class and yet I choose Algebra). Well it looks like I am going to get a C+ again.

    While I will be applying to Nassau I will also be applying to Molloy (BSN) which requires students in the nursing program to take Intro to Statistics.

    My question is that I registered for Intro to Stats for the fall. Should I take the course even though I do not need it for Nassau but I do need it for Molloy. At this point money is pretty tight and I would rather spend the money on a course that I really need. Even if I stay with Nassau would the Intro to Stats be helpful to me in any way?

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    Hi Tracy,
    We've spoken before, I'm finishing up my first year in Nassau Nursing program. I am taking statistics this summer because once I finish Nassau I'd like to pursue a BSN. I decided taking Chem and Statistics would be a a lot cheaper at NCC and needed for my BSN so better to get it over with this summer --this will allow me to start nursing classess at Adelphi or Molloy the fall after I graduate. As for the C+, it really depends on your other grades, what will be your GPA for your nursing required classes including the C+? If it's over 3.5 and your applying for the day program in the fall-I'd say leave it be. Are you looking at days, nights or january admission? Sorry I have so many questions but it's really hard to say without that info.
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    My other grades are B and above. I am applying to the day program in January. I am really nervous that I won't make the cut for Nassau in January and I really want to get started. Farmingdale isn't until Fall 2005. At this point it is either Nassau or Molloy (if I can get approved for a private student loan). Thanks for your input.

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    If you are applying in january(there are very few spots), the cut off for september was 3.5 and so I'd have to say unless you have all other A's in the other classess to take over that Math class. I know it sucks but it'll be worth it if it permits you to do what you want with your life as a nurse
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    I registered for Intro to Statistics this summer. Hopefully I do well in it so I can use that grade as my pre-req for nursing.