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Hi everybody. Yesterday I knew that I passed the nclex in New York:balloons::balloons::balloons::spin::hatparty: :dance:, and I am extremelly happy about it. Does anybody know what is the time that... Read More

  1. by   mauroberrio
    Quote from Nurse Kristen
    I just graduated on 12/12, got a job already as a grad nurse and I am dying to take the test, I hope I have as good luck as you did!!!!!!!
    If you dedicate enough time to study and practice a lot of questions, I bet you that you will pass. This test depends on how well you can manage the questions and the best way to it is by mastering the questions. I recomend to you to pratice the Kaplan questions because they are harder and very similar to the NCLEX questions.

    I send you my best positive energies to help pass the test.
    Good luck
  2. by   littlenursey
    I got my license a few weeks after the result.
    You've made it this far...just wait a bit.
  3. by   SeychelleRN
    Congratulations to all!!!:Santa5:

    :biere:Time to celebrate