Mount Sinai Medical Center Med/Surg unit

  1. Hello everyone! Can anybody please discuss any info about how is it working as an RN at a med surg unit at mt sinai. You can discuss how your usual day goes, nurse patient ratio; do you have CNA's helping you out? am vs night shift, or any other info that would help a new RN be successful at that unit. New and veteran RNs are welcome. Can't wait to get this thread started! Thank you in advance for all your tips and advice!
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  3. by   shadowness
    I'm sorry I dont have any information for you but I have also applied to Mt Sinai. Do you know how long it takes on average for them to get back to you about your application? I tried to call HR/Nurse Recruitment but they told me they cant give me any time frame of how long itll take.
  4. by   shadowness
    delete some inbox messages I dunno if my pm went through
  5. by   mayongname
    I did already please check your inbox.
  6. by   newgradnurse21
    Hey does anyone know how long it takes after you get a hiring packet for them to give you a start date? I got a hiring packet and transferred my license to NY but I just want to know when they will let me know when I will start? How long is that process on average?
  7. by   NycRN88
    I would also like to know how long it takes after receiving the hire package. whats the process like from interviewing to hiring.
  8. by   ggabri07
    After you have successfully interviewed and awarded the position it can take up 3 weeks for everything to get finalized. They have to do a background check and have you complete an employee physical. Also, as part of their background check they will contact two of your past supervisors for a reference.