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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   CPaulino
    It more difficult then the CNET, I'll tell you that much. I'm beginning to realized that Nursing School are just so competitive that they grade you base on how everyone else did in your group and/or nationally. It has a reading, science, language and math section. I use the NLN and TEAS guide to study for about a month. I thought that CNET would be a straight shot because I thought it was your overall grade that counted.

    I'm going to apply to RN school now. Forget the LPN. I don't want to go to Jersey to completed an LPN program and I'm not waiting another year.
  2. by   Jamayahsmom
    I feel the same way..I was just about to give up as soon as I saw my scores but I'm looking for other schools to apply to as we speak...hopefully if all goes well I'll be enrolled in a nursing school by the fall. Just like you, I don't wanna wait another year to test for the CNET and then the same results...
  3. by   Juliec012783
    Hi guys i have been reading this thread and i think it is amazing! I applied for Mid-Manhathan adult for the lpn program. Im taking the test this sunday feb 22nd 830am! im sooo nervous!! but i am really really really confused about the grading part of the C-net.
  4. by   Juliec012783

    elizabeth what did you use to practice?? for the c-net?? the study guide, practice exams and what else?? my test is this sunday feb 22nd 2009
  5. by   HEVAL


    I am taking the CNET Exam the same day as you but at 8:15 a.m. I am using the practice exams to study.
  6. by   Juliec012783
    Goodluck! im soo nervous as u can tell its 550am and im studying! i cant sleep! how's everything going for u?
  7. by   HEVAL
    Thanks! Good luck to you. I am doing ok with the materials.
  8. by   Juliec012783
    thanks u too
  9. by   Juliec012783

    how are u doing in the Vocabulary section?? any advice in improving mine, im kinda having trouble there
  10. by   HEVAL

    I am doing okay with it. Some of words that I do not know the meaning of. I look at the answer and see it there is two of word meaning the same. In simple form I using elimination.
  11. by   HEVAL

    Where are you taking your test?
  12. by   Juliec012783
    this is such a cool thread! i have one more question? if anyone can help me, i have to take the cnet exam this sunday, but............. i dont have a passport or a state ID. I applied last week but motor vechiles hasnt shipped it yet!!! what should i do?? will they let me take the test again? or do i have to wait till next yr 2010?
  13. by   HEVAL

    You should definitely contact CNet and ask them ?