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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   triniminnie102
    Thanks! Since I was on the wait list I took the first available spot which was in the city because there was no guarantee that anything else would have become available. Now that it has I am excited to be in brooklyn! I was dreading that commute.
  2. by   missdiorcherie
    You guys I took the nclex on Thursday and passed!!!! Shout out to the Brooklyn teachers. I guarantee you guys if you study hard and stay out of unnecessary drama you will succeed! Good luck to all of you just starting out on this great journey.
  3. by   triniminnie102
    Congratulations Dior!
  4. by   Love_Leneva
    Hi guys!I applied for the C-Net LPN Program for 2013 on Friday. I paid the $45 online, and I ordered the study materials, too. They gave me an option of dates to choose from for a test - I chose the latest date which was 12/7 (my wedding anniversary, actually). Anyway, can someone please tell me is the P-NAT is the test everyone on this thread has referred to as the CNet test, or are they two completely different tests? Also, please advise what to do while I wait to take this P-NAT test and what to focus on study wise. All (if any) responses are hugely appreciated. P/S - I TOTALLY suck at Math. I went to high school in South Africa and had the option of dropping math at 8th grade, which I did, gladly. Any strategies you can advise me on to ensure I score well in the test? I want this SO bad!! Thanks much! SQ

    Edit: P-NAT (Practical Nursing Assesment Test). I believe that's what it stands for.
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  5. by   triniminnie102
    Yes the PNAT and the C-net is the same thing. C-NET is the group that administers the P-NAT. I would HIGHLY recommend that you purchase 2 practice tests. One to study from and one to time yourself when you feel like you've gotten everything. The goldwater campus has a prep program every year. Its free and it helps you with everything the test will cover. I HIGHLY recommend you go if you can. Its two days a week and well worth it. Best of luck. And even though the lastest date currently online is the 7th they are eventually going to open up dates going into april so you actually have one of the earlier exam dates.
  6. by   Sexikeke93
    I need to know how to find the practice test for lpn
  7. by   Love_Leneva
    Are you saying I have the option on pushing my test date back? This would help tremendously because I want to study for as long as I can to ensure I pass. Thanks for your response.
  8. by   Love_Leneva
    Quote from Sexikeke93
    I need to know how to find the practice test for lpn
    I found them on their website.C-NET | Center For Nursing Education & Testing | Meeting Nursing's Assessment Needs