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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   skinnymelt
    I don't. Who knows how they pick.
  2. by   B-encouraged
    Alright. Thank you for your help.
  3. by   Juliec012783
    I want too thank all of you guys for really helping me out and answering all my annoying questions. I really pray and hope that all of us that really want this get into the program. My test is april 25th sec 1 I get 5 wrong sec 2 about 6 wrong sec 3 11 wrong. Is that good or bad? Of course im still studying like crazy but just wanted sum opinions? With those scores is it a good chance ill pass the Cnet??
  4. by   Libra1012

    On the packet checklist it says that you need 3 passport size pictures. I just noticed this, did you include this? I recall the lady I spoke to on the day of the test saying I had all the required documentation.
  5. by   skinnymelt
    You need 3 passport photos when you go to the interview.
  6. by   B-encouraged
    I had all of my paperwork except I forgot my passport photos and the lady who interviewed me said I had to bring them later, but that was the least of her concern. But it is required. More importantly, make sure you completely all of your documents and correctly.
  7. by   dollbw
    Hi, I passed the cnet and the tabe and went to the interview took in all my doceuments etc...

    Did you go to the interview as yet?
    How was it?

    To me it sort of felt like I was being discouraged because of not having any experience (which is not a req.) in med. field.
  8. by   dollbw
    Quote from cuzhenrys
    Good Luck guys to all you DOE prospects, i am currently participating in the program at the manhattan scool. All i can say is be prepared to study hard and to study non stop until your ready to take your boards.
    By the way i am suprised that no one got their verbal acceptance yet anyway good louck future nurses of America!

    Hi. After you did you interview how did it go for you?
    Did they verbally accept you on the interview day?

    I went to the interview and was told that I would know by June 2009 and Sept. 2009 on if being accepted to which school etc....
  9. by   Libra1012
    i was told letters will be sent out at the end of June/early July
  10. by   B-encouraged
    I felt the same way! I felt like b/c I don't have any clinical experience they were trying to discourage me. Hopefully, they were just trying to find out how serious we were. I hope to hear something soon. I'm going crazy with anticipation.
  11. by   dollbw
    Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only person that felt that way, but like you said "the maybe wanted to see how serious we are about this." So I'll be praying.

    What ever will be, will be.:bowingpur
  12. by   Juliec012783
    Congrats too all who got into the program! My test is on two days, cnet! I dunno, I have been doing horrible in the practice exams , hopefully luck comes around for me on sat morning
  13. by   NursingHopeful09
    Hello Skinny Melt,
    I passed the Cnet that was a lot of studying I'm scheduled for the Tabe A test on the 11th of May what should I expect?? Thanks in advance. And another thing do you happen to know if you can choose the school you want to go or do you they decide???