Maria College

  1. Hello to all Nurses, I am an LPN living in Texas and I just got accepted to Maria Colege to the RN nursing program. Anyone out there attended this college? I need information about this school. I also need some advice about living in NY. Thanks
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  3. by   scoobydoo32
    hello i attended maria college from 2002 -2005. i did all of my pre-requisites there and also attended the RN program which i dropped out of due to missed clinicals o dodn't like there way of teaching in the nursing program that is they don't know how to teach. i am currently in lpn school somewhere else and about to graduate. upstate is great i wish u luck
  4. by   spaniel
    I live down the block from Maria College! The area is quite affordable, and the school has a good reputation. Upstate NY winters are very tough and long in my opinion. But Albany is close to Saratoga springs which is a hoot.