LPN nurse in brookly area seeking employment

  1. Hello New york Nurses,

    My sister is a LPN nurse living in the Brooklyn area. She has been looking for a job for the past 4 months. Is there any one out there with any recommendations or suggestions? Her resume is posted on monster.com, but most employers are looking for med/surg. nursing experience which she doesn't have. She has experience working in dyalysis, home health and nursing home. If anyone knows of any place that are currently hiring, I would be happy to hear from you. I encouraged her to do the bridge program from LPN to RN seeing that it was taking so long to get a job. I also told her to take out a loan and go to school full time, but she doesn't like that idea. Is there any recommendation for financial assistance because I think this is what is holding her back from taking that leap. She kept saying i have no money for school. I know there are people out there with good advice that will benefit my sister. I look forward to hearing from all of you
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    I was an LPN, and I went to Helene Fuld. I was working for an agency that sent me to a very nice nursing home. I had never borrowed a dime from the bank to finish my AAS in Nursing. The name of the agency is Staff Blue. If she wants to work in a Med-Surg Unit, I think it might be a problem inasmuch as not many hospital will hire an LPN in an acute care setting. I am not so sure, when in doubt try the hospital located in Far Rockaway, Queens....I know they have LPN working in the Med-Surg Units.
    Good luck!!!