1. Help! I moved to Poughkeepsie New York from Houston Texas a month ago and still cannot find a job. I have 3 yrs exp. Med Surg and is willing to venture into a different area. What can I do?
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    Welcome to the site! You might get some helpful suggestions on the New York Forum here.
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    Good luck. I am an LPN here in NY. I worked in the ER back when they allowed us to be nurses... They have this big push now towars having a bsn at every bedside. As a result, the hospitals, at least in my area, aren't hiring LPNs and are making it more difficult for the ones thay have to stay. They sat us all down one day and informed us that our job descriptions would now be the same as the techs/aides and that we would no longer be able to carry a patient assignment. Half of us quit that month. I didn't go to school to be an aide again. It also made the RN vs LPN tensions worse. You know what I mean- There's LPNs who can run circles around the RNs, but the RNs still think they're better... The only offerings in the Rochester area are nursing homes, (yuck) and MD offices, (no pay). I'm sorry, but after working in the hospital, I'm embarassed to say that I work in any of these nursing homes. Many of them are famous for their poor standards of care and profoundly undertrained nursing staff. Ever try to have an educated conversation about current issues in nursing with a career nursing home nurse? It's bad when I had to show my "trainer" how to do a proper wet to dry dressing. Run from NY - it is not for LPNs.

    See the NY thread about BSNs @
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    That Will Be Good