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  1. Hi guys!
    I am currently taking prerequisites at laguardia college. My grades are not so good. I got C+ in AP1 and B in AP2. For the rest of my prerequisites I got all A's. Do you think I have a chance get into RN program? Or should I apply to LPN program.
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  4. by   kf_lagcc18
    You may have. For ENG 101, MAT 120, SSY 101, and SCC 110, you got an A, right? How much did you get on your TEAS?

    Their cut off changes each sem. depending on how strong the pool of candidates are.
  5. by   Meenanyc
    I got A's in rest of prerequisites but I didn't take TEAS exam yet. I am planning to apply for the Spring 2019.
  6. by   kf_lagcc18
    Ah, okay. So you're planning on entering the program for Fall 2019 then, right? I think you still have a chance, not sure how the pool is then but it's worth a try, considering all the work you've done already for it.
  7. by   Scoobyfn8
    I go to a different school (Nassau) in New York and the program requires a B in ap1 but according to my professor you need an A in both 1 and 2....our school does it the same way where it changes each semester, maybe retake the class or look into private? Not to be rude here but they might not consider you because of the ap grades