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Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?... Read More

  1. by   NYzMikey
    Nope no new news.
  2. by   dorothydumpling
    Thanks for the replies guys!

    I guess be I'll taking SCI 25- I forgot about the option to withdraw- thanks for the reminder Mikey! I guess I'll be waiting the same amount of time to hear back from the nursing dept as you guys will be.

    Remaining at KBCC might be an option for me, since I'll be a semester behind at City Tech (they require a math course as a pre-req, in addition to being at CT for at least one semester prior to applying. And if they do favor their own students, then I'll be at a disadvantage.)

    What are the cutoffs at KBCC that you guys have heard- the website is not very telling. I got an A in Bio 11, but have heard that Bio 12 ten times harder!
  3. by   bklynrnwinning
    Went to the dept. on Mon 07/02. Said letters should go out in 2-3 weeks.
  4. by   Samantha02
    From previous posts I have read on here last year around this time students were receiving their acceptance letters around JUL 14... Good luck everyone!
  5. by   beachjay
    How did everyone do on NLN and in the prereqs?
  6. by   beachjay
    Im nervous because I have a C in Sci25 but As in everything else and I recieved a 128 on the exam.although CSI already recieved their acceptance letters, I know someone who was accepted with a 110. What do you think? And good luck and congrats to everyone as well
  7. by   NYzMikey

    A 128 is a good score and from all the scores I've heard so far from other applicants you are right up there. I do not believe 1 C is a deal breaker. The NLN score itself doesn't matter what matters is what your score is compared to all the other applicants. So 1 year a 110 would be good enough and the next a 130 won't depending on the crop of students.

    Kingsborough is notoriously competetive for the nursing program and I don't know if it is the same with CSI. Do you have any of the corequisites completed already. They might consider a student who is has the corequisites completed more than just the prerequisites. Though I have no base for that statement and I am just speculating.

    Maybe you can ask to speak with a nursing advisor and gauge your chances? I think you should just enjoy your summer and not fret too much. You grades and score sound really good.
  8. by   ERC11235
    Hey guys. I took the NLN this Jue and am pretty bummed about it. I got a score of 123. I did miserably in English and Math but was surprisingly in the 91st percentile for Science. I have an A minus in Sci 25 and Bio 11, An A in English 2 and Bio 12, and A + in both Psych 100 and 32. My Sociology and English 1 grades transferred over from Hunter and I believe they were both B's. I have an overall GPA of 3.933 and although an A- is the lowest grade I've gotten at Kingsborough, I am stressed about getting into Nursing. How did everyone else do?
  9. by   NySubi
    Quote from Samantha02
    From previous posts I have read on here last year around this time students were receiving their acceptance letters around JUL 14... Good luck everyone!
    I saw the same thing. Hopefully we will get something this week. I also went to the nursing department a few days ago and they said that the grades didn't come in yet and that some of the staff is still on vacation. I asked if the school switching from esims to cuny first would have an affect on when we receive our letters and they said no. Hopefully we'll get something soon.
  10. by   dorothydumpling
    I got my letter of admission to the pre-clinical component last week, but that's probably on a different schedule from you guys.
  11. by   NYzMikey

    My heart jumped when I read the beginning of your post. Then I saw "pre-clinical" and it crashed right back down. What a tease lol. Anyway congratulations and don't take any s*** from Sci 25.
  12. by   Samantha02
    Have you guys been checking degree audit and transcripts on esims?
  13. by   ERC11235
    I've been checking my degree audit but it still says undeclared health nursing