Is phillips beth israel hard to get into?

  1. im an lpn student based in VA about to grad this april and would like to know if phillips beth israel is hard to get into. be great to hear other helpful info as well..
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  3. by   ILoveNursing82
    It is not difficult to get into.You can be accepted with a gpa of 2.8! But, you must have a pretty high NLN score.If you didnt know, im glad to inform you that they require a Prenursing entrance exam called the NLN.You can prepare for this exam by purchasing the book by MCdonald.Its a wonderfull prep.tool.Oh and make sure you write an excellent essay.Be honest and please dont say you want to be a Nurse because you want to help people and that you have a good heart.I think almost everyone mentions this and I dont think they want to hear it so often.Good luck!
  4. by   nyaussie
    I currently attend PBISN. It is hard to say yes or no to your question. A lot of factors are taken into account when they review your application. NLN test, prior grades, courses taken, work experience etc. Every year there are many applications so you are going against a lot of people but I don't think that is any different from any other Nursing school. My advice is to apply, take the NLN and see what happens. You'll never wonder "What if....."