Is getting interviews easier with the RN credential on your Resume?

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    Happy Monday!

    I am just wondering whether all you employed RN's saw whether interviewing and getting interviews was easier when you had the RN credentials behind your name on your resume. I started formally speaking with hospitals two weeks ago (just graduated from school in Jan. and taking NCLEX next Friday) via open house and two interviews. One hospital gave me the pharmacology study guide and encouraged me to take it ASAP. They would continue the process once I took and passed the pharmacology exam. The other hospital told me to call them back once I passed the NCLEX. Still haven't heard from the third hospital after their open house.

    What should I expect? I admit I am antsy and excited by the whole process, but have not lost sight of reviewing religiously every day for the NCLEX next week. However, I really would love to get a job within the next 4-6 weeks.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   lilnat03

    i just passed nclex last week and have so far been on two interviews. i'm kind of in the same boat as you as i'm trying to get a job asap. was hoping for some tips in the whole job search process as well...

    should i put that i am licensed in ny on my resume?

  4. by   jack4408
    I was hired before i even took my nclex