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I am doing my pre-reqs now and hope to get into the Fall 08 program. Any feedback whether positive or negative would be appreciated! TIA... Read More

  1. by   Boggs417
    Kamryn, Oh I didn't know you had all of those sciences done jesuss. Now I probably definitely don't have a chance at Suffolk for this year at least. Honestly I know community colleges are extremely hard to get into so I'm not holding myself to it, I'm going to apply to many other schools and just keep applying and in the meantime I'm going to go for my Bachelors in science and keep going! I'll be a much stronger candidate by then. I want to keep moving up such as looking into Physicians Assistant and Physical Therapy but of course Nursing is my main focus.

    Thank you and I will keep you focused! ** I am definitely going to look into StonyBrook!
  2. by   Boggs417

    MY gpa is a 3.6-3.7 and I applied to Brentwood
  3. by   Boggs417
    OH MY GODD, I got accepted into the Nursing program!!!!!!!! )) ahhhh
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    Thank you!
  6. by   Boggs417

    I got accepted into the program!!!
  7. by   mumsy
    Quote from Russl66

    I got accepted into the program!!!

    I'm somewhat of a lurker on this site but figured I'd say hi since I'll also be attending Suffolk (day program, Grant campus). Hi! Orientation is June 23rd, correct?
  8. by   Boggs417
    Hi Mumsy,

    Thankyou and congrats to you also. No I actually got accepted to (Ammerman Day), but my friend got accepted to Brentwood and yes I know brentwood's orientation is the 23rd. I already had my orientation, for Ammerman it was the 9th so it just passed. It is nice to know someone else who got the good news! And like I always say, the more the merrier so we can always converse on this mess. board about what clinicals we go to and what not and ask each other questions. I'm pretty sure both Ammerman and Brentwood do the same lecture work and have the same books and stuff which is nice so if you know someone at the other campus you can still study with them, which is probably what my friend and I will do.

  9. by   mumsy
    How did your orientation go? Did you get your schedule? Did you have to register for classes or did they assign them to you? I've heard different things from different sources. I'm so nervous!
  10. by   Boggs417
    Hey Mumsy,

    Orientation went really well actually! Yes it's both, they make your schedule AND there are additional classes you need to add on your own. I am getting my schedule this week I have to pick it up by wednesday. Oh don't stress it's fine you should be more excited! They will explain everything to you at orientation. I would recommend you bring a sheet of paper or a notebook to orientation to write down any info they give you or for your own questions. Let me know how it goes! Any other questions let me know!

  11. by   mumsy
    Thanks for the info!
  12. by   Boggs417
    No problem!

  13. by   Boggs417
    Ahhh got accepted into anotherr nursing program!! But I still think I am sticking with Suffolk