Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

  1. I went to an open house at Bronx Lebanon on July 13th. I got a call and email for an interview and pharm exam scheduled to tomorrow August 1st. Anyone else heard from them? I was also wondering do they test everyone they interview? I am brushing up on dosage and a few main meds like digoxin, insulin, ER meds HTN. Any ideas?
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  3. by   newgradnurse111
    Hey, let me know how it goes, also have an interview coming up! Good luck.
  4. by   friendlyelse
    Interview went very well. The pharm exam was not that bad. I passed. First I interviewed with the recruiter then the nurse manager. I interviewed for a peds position. The manager took me on the unit. Very relaxed and very pleasant. Everyone was really nice. They told me the salary but also said HR makes the final offer in terms of salary. HR will let me know what documents to bring.
  5. by   friendlyelse
    I got a call to discuss an offer followed by an email from HR on what to do next. Physical scheduled for next week. So excited.
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    Thank you guys.
  9. by   gracegrantedRN
    Congrats! Sorry I saw this post so late, just got hired myself, in orientation as we speak so far, so good!
  10. by   friendlyelse
    Thanks. Congrats to you too. I just did my physical today and picked up employment packet. Please check your inbox.
  11. by   newgradnurse111
    Hey, so I had my interview and everything went well, I was given a verbal offer and I was wondering if this is how it went with you and how long it took them to reach out and for you to sign the documents, like did you do it the same day or were you called to come in again?
  12. by   friendlyelse
    Yes it was. They called me in 3 days. I just send in last PPD results yesterday. They said HR willl me in week. I already have the documents sidned to bring to them. I am starting September must be cleared from your physical before HR calls u to sign.
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    Congrats to you as well, I can't send private messages on here yet, but can you email me at I wanted to know if you received a call from HR yet and find out how long that process takes.
  14. by   friendlyelse
    I did all paperwork finger prints, ID yesterday. They called 3 days after medical clearance. I will email u .