how long do you have to wait for your NY RN license to arrive by mail

  1. Hi everyone. I'ma newbie here and I love this site. Really helpful. Anyway, last January 1st, I found via pearson vue quick results that i passed the NY NCLEX for RN. And I am wondering how long does the license take to arrive via mail? Cos i checked the NY BON site particularly at the license verifications and my name didn't show up. Does anybody know? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   demus1
    I passed in mid feb but no license number either should I be worried are there anymore requirements for ny after passing nclex rn?
  4. by   tigerlily345
    Call the BON to make sure that nothing is hindering the completion of the licensing process. Maybe your file is incomplete? Maybe your school did not sent all of the required documents to the BON? It is possible. I passed on 2/24 and my # was posted March 1st. I even called that morning to make sure everything was "OK". I was told that my application was in the final stages of processing and that I should expect my # to be issued later on that day or the following day. About 2 hours after that, my # was posted. My advice to you is to call the BON for a status update. Good Luck with everything.
  5. by   demus1
    still waiting no license yet has anyone ever waited this long