Help! Job starting soon... No NY license!

  1. Hi,

    Im from CA and the BofRN is taking longer than ever to send verification that I am in fact licensed out here in order for NY to license me.

    I have a job starting in the ICU burn unit at Weill Cornell on Dec 19th and Im not sure if my license will be here on time. Does anyone know if I am able to work for a few weeks while my license is pending?

    A lot of advice would be appreciated. I had resigned from my job, had movers, booked my flight, put notice in with my apt out here, and things are being delayed. I need to know where I stand with my options. I can still postpone everything, but I dont want to do that until I know that there is nothing I can do in NY without a license in hand.

    Thank you!!!

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Again - I would contact the NY BON.