HELP! Anyone from Painted Post, NY?

  1. Greetings!

    Anyone near or know Painted POSt ,NY?

    I will attend LPN Training in Coopers Campus and would appreciate it very much if anyone could guide me:

    1. I am from Michigan and would love to know if anyone can recommend a place to stay for 10 months?

    2. Do i really need to bring my car or the place has easy access to a bus station? do yu recommend renting a car?

    3. Are the nusing homes or hospitals far from coopers campus that i certainly need a car or not?

    4. Anyone knew if we needed to wear scrubs during the class or just any casual attire?

    Thanks Very Much and God Bless!
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    Hi there....I have absolutely no CLUE where Painted Post, NY is; what county is it? What larger town or city is it near?

    At any rate, ALL the questions you ask can be answered by an advisor from your school program: that person is the one to ask. About housing, the advisor can put you in touch with someone at the school who also would know where to point you.

    I am, however, curious as to why someone would transplant themselves from Michigan to attend an LPN program in NY...?

    Good luck!

    1. Painted Post , NY ,14870. (upstate,rural area). Near to Corning, Elmira.

    2.I only asked those question hoping that there are members here who knew where the school is and may answer my concerns based upon their own experienced.
    3. And one reason also is that there is no dorm or something thats why i asked again hoping that there are members who perhaps is from painted post and may recommend cheaper and near place to school.

    4. And with regards to your last question. Here is something i pasted from daily news as i cannot stress enough of why i opt to study in other State.

    Michigan looks to boost nurse numbers
    Wednesday, March 07, 2007By Judy PutnamLansing Bureau
    LANSING -- What's wrong with this picture?
    Each day, 3,000 health care workers, mostly nurses, cross the Canadian border to work in Michigan.
    Yet Michigan's 28 community colleges -- the biggest producers of registered nurses -- have waiting lists of qualified students to get into the programs, some 1,000 names long, according to a new state study.
    legislative-appointed task force Tuesday released a list of recommendations to ease the shortage, mainly caused by a lack of master's-degree nursing faculty.
    "It's so ironic,'' said Tom Bissonnette, executive director of the Michigan Nurses Association union. "We have a nursing shortage at the same time we have so many people trying to get into nursing school.''
    One of the most-debated solutions was offered by the Michigan Community College Association: allowing Michigan community colleges to offer a bachelor's degree in nursing. Four-year universities generally oppose the idea.
    "It's very controversial,'' said Jeanette Klemczak, appointed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm as the state's chief nursing executive, and a member of the task force. "It needs work yet. It's one where we all need to sit down together to figure out.''
    Michigan has 119,000 registered nurses, according the Michigan Center for Nursing. By 2012, the state will need 31,300 new nurses, according to the task force report.
    All 28 community colleges now offer associate's degrees in nursing while 19 four-year universities offer bachelor's degrees. Both the two-year and four-year degrees lead to licensing as a registered nurse.
    The upside of the community colleges offering four-year degrees, said Mike Hansen, president of the Michigan Community College Association, is cheaper four-year degrees that will result in more nursing bachelor's degrees. Some of those will go on to earn master's degrees, easing the faculty shortage


    There are only two LPN Technical school here in Michigan, both are 1 hr to 1 hr and half drive fom my place and one school is 1 year and half to finish while the new one is one year, and the fee is way high.
    The other one is just newly open and started this April.

    p.s. both school have limited class...30 to be exact.
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  5. by   RNsRWe
    Yikes, Nelma....looks like MI has a rougher track record for school admissions than most places! I can see why you'd be looking for less congestion. Have you looked into RN programs in NY as well? Or is the time frame to get the LPN better suited to your needs? Sorry if I seem nosy, I'm just always curious as to the reasons why people make the choices they do.

    I hope that someone on the board here is familiar with the Painted Post area; I did go to the Painted Post Community website and thought it looked like a charming area to live in.

    Best of luck to you!
  6. by   vickie14810
    I live 30 minutes from Painted Post and maybe going there this fall myself for LPN. I am not sure if they have a bus service going through there or not. As far as Nursing Homes and the hospital they are a drive away. I would recommend a car as Painted Post is a rural area and not as populated as the next town(city) Corning. A lot of the nursing homes and hospitals are located in Corning and the Bath area. As far as places to live there may be some apartments that might be available. There is a newspaper that puts their classifieds on line. I am not sure of the link right at the moment but the paper is called "The Corning Leader". I wish you luck and maybe I will meet you in the fall!:spin:
  7. by   acollegestudent
    Hello. I live in Corning, NY right next to Painted Post, NY and I would recommend a car. Because it is not so populated as Corning, I don't think there is an easy access to the bus station. Also the link for the corning leader is that will be helpful with finding a place to live. About attire, I'm not sure, I would call the school and ask. Good Luck with everything and I hope I've been of some help.

    Thank You Very Much!

    Best Regards to all!