Helene Fuld Entrance Exam

  1. Ive applied to Helene Fuld after much procrastination and now Im scheduled for their entrance exam Dec. 12th. Has anyone taken their exam? Im a fairly new LPN who has only worked in LTC and I'm nervous about what sort of nursing questions they would be asking. Ive heard from a co-worker who took it that their math section was quite difficult for her.The school has provided a list of reading material to study from but its really just a list of textbooks. Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   roseynurse345
    It wasn't too hard IMHO. The test had an essay, english, nursing and math.
    The Reading and Math came from Basic Adult Education test.
  4. by   tdbRN
    i start Jan 07. I took the test Sept. my thread is on here somewhere, type in Helene Fuld NYC and you should find it. Not so difficult, basic questions, basic math, essay, nursing, english. I studied fr "exam cram lpn", the math is all graphs. dont worry you will do fine.
  5. by   sweetdee2k
    Hello, I hope you passed your exam. I am in the same boat you were in. My exam is in about 2-3 weeks and am looking for help. What did you find helpful? Please let me know. Thank You.
  6. by   kevin RN
    i hope she also pass too, first of all there were about 80 people there maybe more, maybe 25 or so pass, i was too happy to count how many because i pass. but as far as the test goes the reading was simple a joke felt like i was in junior high school.math was all graph not what i was expecting, but overall fair. with the essay, have your structure down pack. and the nursing was just fundamentals. over all it was quite easy!!! good luck
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  7. by   sweetdee2k
    Hi, Thanks. When did you take the test?
  8. by   kevin RN
    Quote from sweetdee2k
    Hi, Thanks. When did you take the test?

  9. by   sweetdee2k
    Is there anything you studied that will help me for this test?
  10. by   kevin RN
    honestly i didn't study, are you good at writing essays? how about math with graphs? if ur good at these then you should be fine
  11. by   sweetdee2k
    I am not good at writing essay's. Math with graphs I am ok with. I can't belive you did not study. You must be very smart.
  12. by   kevin RN
    not really, but you know if you do a google search for act writing you will see example of the format that are used in colleges, that help me alot
  13. by   sweetdee2k
    Thank You very much. I'll take any help i can get. I really appreciate it. Do you tutor?
  14. by   kevin RN
    lol; i need tutoring myself. you be fine, do you know the date for the test?