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Ive applied to Helene Fuld after much procrastination and now Im scheduled for their entrance exam Dec. 12th. Has anyone taken their exam? Im a fairly new LPN who has only worked in LTC and I'm... Read More

  1. by   sweetdee2k
    No, all i know is that it is in the begining of Jan and i neeeed heeeelp baaaad. You passed everything so you do not need that much help. You must be good at everything.
  2. by   sweetdee2k
    Thank for all your help. Good luck.
  3. by   SueNYC
    I took the test on the 12th and I passed ... Dee, be prepared for a LONG day. Like kev said with the writing, have a struture, an outline of what youre going to write on. On scrap paper, I wrote what I wanted each paragraph to touch on, so it made it easier to write the essay. The reading was easy. The nursing was basic issues but I did find a few that I didnt know at all. What I was worried about most before the test was the math. I picked up the NLN review book to brush up. Id recommend it if you want something to study from. Good luck to you.
  4. by   sweetdee2k
    Thank You. I will keep studing the books that I have and I guess i'll be fine. I just wish the school had there own study guide and not the list of 7or 8 books they give you. I do not have much time and I just wanted to pin point what I needed to study. Do you know anyone who will be willing to tutor? Thank You Again.
  5. by   SueNYC
    Forget that list of books. Its IMPOSSIBLE to read through all those nursing textbooks in such a short period of time and honestly how much of it would you even retain after cramming like that. Most of all it would simply be point less because the nursing questions are so broad topiced. All you need to do is just brush up on your math and med. calculations. If you feel you are weak in essay writing like you said, then practice writing an essay. As far as the nursing aspect of it, some questions were SO simple and others if you read through it carefully, the answer will stare you in the face.
    Youll do fine and like i said to myself before i took it, if I fail... so what, it isnt the end of the world. Dont be so hard on yourself.
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  6. by   sweetdee2k
    Someone from this site said that the math and reading came from Basic Adult Education Test. Was that you? I read so many things i dont even remember.
  7. by   roseynurse345
    That was me, thats what it said in the front of my test booklet, when I took the test in September. The test was not that hard, the entrance exam for my LPN school was a lot harder than this test. I would review from NCLEX review book for nursing, and go over basic math and english principles. If you fail a certain section on the test, the school offers remediation, and u can take the section over again.
  8. by   sweetdee2k
    Hi, thank you for your reply. I gave up at trying to pin point what I have to study. I am now doing the NCLEX review. I hope I do fine. I am very happy that you passed. Good luck with everything else.