Heads Up! NYS Posts 2010 Board Passing Rates

  1. Well gang, read em and weep (hopefully not the later)!

    The 2010 NCLEX passing rates for New York State are up and things are interesting.

    First "New York City Technical College", has the highest score of all CUNY nursing programs (both two and four year), at 95.2%, beating even Hunter College (90%).

    Of the priviate schools in NYC, Phillips Beth Israel comes in at 96.9%, not to shabby!

    Now where is that person going on about how the Saint Paul's nursing programs have 100% passing rates? Er *NO*, they do not. SP's of Queens comes in at 88.2%, and Staten Island (Richmond) at 80.8%. In both cases these are lower numbers than the now defunct St. Vincent's programs in each brough. Oh and yes, NYS finally lists Saint Paul's under their own names, St. V's numbers are there from the last several reporting years, and one assumes as time goes on they will be dropped from the website, but still archived.

    Much interesting reading about passing rates from programs around the state. One evening school has a 100%, that is right *100%* passing rate. OTHO The College of Mount Saint Vincent's program seems to be trending downwards.

    Indeed there are several programs in the state with passing rates <60%, with some at 50%, scary.

    Another interesting thing is that while "City Tech" managed to increase their passing rate greatly from last year, they did so graduating fewer students. Indeed looking at the numbers this seems a trend, in that schools with high passing rates produce fewer graduate nurses. This can lead down some very curious roads in future, especially if research shows dropping "dead weight", gooses the numbers.

    You all can read the full story here:
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