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  1. I am a CNA at a nursing home in New York. I have been debating whether to go for my LPN or RN. I met with a career advisor from the Tech School I attended for my CNA who believes I should go for my RN.

    The health care center I work for offers a "tuition reimbursement" program for LPN where you could go back to the tech school, maintain an 80% average and perect attendance at work and they will pay for it. They also have a program for RN's, you pay $25 per class and buy your own books.

    Recently I was at an event in the city when I met a few woman who were nurses. I told them my whole story and they informed me that there was such a huge nursing shortage that many hospitals in NYC will go as far as paying for housing and schooling in order to get more nurses. This very much excites me

    My goal is to work in NYC, whether I am LPN or RN. I am in mid-state NY, about 1 1/2 hours from NYC.

    I anyone has any info on such programs...or an idea of what direction to send me...I will appreciate it very much

    Thanks again

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    Becoming A Nurse..... what you need to know
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