Easiest Nursing program to get into?

  1. Hey i am a pre nurse student currently in my 2nd year in hunter going into my third and my GPA isnt looking as good as it should so i was wondering what is the Easiest nursing program to get into in the whole nyc?
    My advisor told me places like NYU, NYIT, LIU n etc are alot easier to get into.
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  3. by   Goingthere
    I went to Hunter! Dr.Per was hard huh? Well to answer your question, the more expensive schools are slightly eaiser to get into because the less expensive schools are financially within reach and this get more applicants than the expensive schools. I didn't get my BSN from Hunter, but will be getting it from a private college. Your a third year-pull it together, or transfer to another school to complete your prereqs so you'll have a chance. Good luck!
  4. by   atypicalperson
    oo0o0o0o may i ask whats your gpa?
  5. by   Goingthere
    A little above a 3.0-3.1 I don't know exactly. I have 1 Bplus in a prereq, the rest are A's. I do have 4 years and 800 hours worth of clinical experience and work with OMRDD-& chilren with Autism/ADHD- so I had all that to increase my chances. If your having significant issues at Hunter, transfer. I wish I had, for some reason Hunters professors are hard and mean. Good luck!
  6. by   atypicalperson
    o then can i ask what school you'll be doing your program in?
  7. by   Goingthere
    I will be attending The College of New Rochelle accelerated 2nd degree program. It's time for some leg work on your side, if ur under 60 credits it's feasible to transfer without losing anything. Or hang in there and do as your advisor said and apply to other schools. My friend got into hunter as a 3rd year with a 3.4 so if your around there still try.
  8. by   atypicalperson
    sadly no...... it kinda like 2.7...... arghh i guess i got no choice but to transfer..............unless i get straight As next and a 145+ nln which i am gonna struggle to
  9. by   Goingthere
    Okay, well you have all your options, take time to make an informed decision. Personally, my worst mistake was stating at a school I associated my failure with-I wanted to be a vet or D.O. So after 4 years and a BA I left, did my prereqs at Farmingdale state college & got into nursing school. I think that the tough time you get at hunter prepares you for the real world. After I left, I promised my self never to fail again, and I've done everything (besides cheat) to succeed. You'll be fine, it's hard anywhere, this is a great learning lesson.
  10. by   Gentleman_nurse
    May I offer this suggestion? Don't look for schools that are the easiest to get in by grades. Look for schools that select students based on something more than grades such as interviews, essay, recommendations, standardized test. From what you posted, you have solid quantitative and qualitative assets. Unfortunately most CUNY school only look at GPA overlooking things like motivation, compassion, and grade inflation.
  11. by   MariposaNYC
    NYU: If you have the money, they'll take you. Oddly enough, the CUNY schools seem to be the most difficult to enroll into.
  12. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Hunter-Bellevue has always been a very selective and difficult program, period. This is not just compared with other CUNY BSN programs, but all BSN programs in NYC/NYS and probably up there with other hard programs as well.

    IMHO Hunter prepares one to become one of those super critical thinking and theory laden BSN nurses that go on into graduate studies and so forth. If all you wish is to become a good bedside nurse, then you probably can do just as well at Beth Israel or any other program.

    Pre-nursing is the best time to make your move, so to speak, but consider at the moment getting into any NYC area nursing program, especially the good ones is going to be difficult. While a 2.7 is not that shabby, and above what most community colleges require for entry into the nursing program, your odds of acceptance into a college program increase with your GPA. The problem (if that is the right word), with Hunter's program is it attracts the creme de la creme of those seeking a BSN degree from a CUNY school. City College disbanded their nursing program years ago, so the only other choices left in Manhattan are NYU and Columbia. No, scratch that, Columbia only offers graduate degrees, so there you are.

    As for CUNY schools in general being the most difficult to gain entry into, I don't know about that. It all depends on how popular the program, number of applicants and strength of the applicant pool. If the nursing shortage was not being shouted from the house tops and the economy going down the tubes, you might find far less persons applying for entry, thus one's chances of being accepted would go up, even if one only met the bare minimum requirements.

    Finally keepone thing in mind. Both pre-nursing and nursing programs in general are hard and demanding to weed out the weak, so to speak. If you cannot handle the course work in a school's pre-nursing sequence, you probably will find the actual nursing program difficult as well.
  13. by   AccelCNL
    i just took this from the liu website:


    program requirements (top of page)
    admission as a nursing major:

    • high school students must have an 85 high school average
    • transfer students must have a 2.75 cumulative grade point average for all work done at other colleges and a 2.75 cumulative science average
    • transfer students with less than 24 college credits must meet both transfer and freshman requirements

    students who do not meet these requirements may be considered for acceptance as probationary (pnu) major. students accepted as pnu majors must meet the minimum gpa requirements within one academic year to remain in good standing.

    prior to entry into the professional phase (the first level clinical nursing courses), students must be successful on the school of nursing progression examination and have clinical clearance.
    continued enrollment in nursing courses is contingent upon the following:

    1. maintaining a minimum 2.5 cumulative average
    2. maintaining a minimum 2.5 nursing cumulative average
    3. earning a grade of c+ or better in each nursing course
    4. repeating no more than one nursing course
    5. earning a b or better in any repeated nursing course
    6. fulfilling all clinical clearance requirements prior to the beginning of each clinical nursing course
    7. attending a mandatory hospital-orientation program each semester
    8. demonstrating competency in drug-dosage calculation during specified semesters
    9. demonstrating competency in the clinical laboratory courses
    10. passing both lecture and clinical portions of courses with a laboratory section
    11. participating in the community service project (for a total 100 hours)

    do a search of liu-brooklyn on the site and read the comments. the school seems fairly easy to enter however it is hard to stay in. have you taken any sciences yet?

    i talked to a counselor in the nursing dept a few hours ago. she told me that as long you have the gpa requirements and apply in a timely manner entrance in possible. however, when it comes to the sciences she told me that you only have one chance to do a class over. for example, i am taking api& apii & a chem course. however, i got cs or above in them and i am just taking them over to get increase my science gpa and toget a better grasp of the courses which willhelp me once clinicals start. i go to lehman and i plan to transfer to liu for the fall 2010 semester.

    pm me if you have any other questions.