dx w/ lyme disease...I need a nurse trained in IV/PICC for weekly maintenance and...

  1. Hi, everybody! I need to hire a nurse trained in IV/PICC or get in contact with a homecare nursing agency in New York City. Do those even exist? Basically, the nurse will need to be available to me 24/7 (in case of an emergency). Their duties will include training me for the care and maintenance of the catheter (how to flush and observe for any problems) and perform WEEKLY dressing changes. I know that I also have to get blood drawn every week, too, to test for liver problems, etc, but I imagine that's a separate issue. Any help is VERY much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
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  3. by   rn/writer
    I'm sorry you're dealing with this illness.

    What you need to do is contact your health care provider and get a referral for a home health nurse. Soliciting to find a nurse is not allowed on this forum and it's not really a safe or dependable option. A home health care agency will have done the preliminary checking to make certain your nurse is qualified and capable. You don't need the added strain of having to worry about all of that right now.

    One of the roles of the home health nurse is to do the teaching you requested. HH nurses often teach patients and family members how to do complicated dressing changes and other procedures and then provide follow-up care and serve as an ongoing resource.

    I hope you are able to find a provider who will give you what you need.

    Take care,
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