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I just got accepetd to this school. Just wondering if anyone here has been to this school and what you've heard about it. Or if you know of anyone that has graduated from this school and what they... Read More

  1. by   sjmommy19
    i plan on applying for the spring 2012 evening. my boyfriend got in for this spring but deferred for next year. when i went to the open house everything seemed pretty straight forward and everyone seemed very nice. when my bf spoke to them they said only 34 ppl are accepted into the program and 75 ppl and chosen to take the teas test. you get chosen to take test based on your grades, and once you get chosen all that is left is for you to do very well on the test. good luck and keep me posted
    another thing, have u taken ur pre-reqs already?
  2. by   studentnurse2rn
    Check out 2010 NCLEXRN pass rates on NYSED website Hopfer is #1 for all private nursing BS & AD programs in BX-Westchester-Rockland
    New program with Mercy College for recent HS grads for dual admission was recently announced. i agree with the others, you should apply