Do I Need To Go Through The Visa Screen And Cgfns

  1. I Am A Newly Qualified Nurse From Britain, I Am Planning To Join My Husband In The State {nyc}coming Next Four Months. He Is A Citizen And At The Moment He Is Fillling A Petition For Me Almost At The End Of The 3rd Stage.
    Do I Till Need To Go Through The Visa Screen.

    My Friend Advice Me To Go Through The New Mexico Board Of Nursing For My Credential Evaluation Of My Result , She Says It Quicker BECAUSE IN NEW YORK YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE CGFNS. Is It Safe For Me To Do That Because I Will Be Based In New York And Plan To Work There.

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  3. by   dexter99
    Hi I'm not familiar with that but here is what I can share with you... I had my credentials verified by cgfns for NY state I filed feb 2006 and it took them 7mos to verify my documents and send it to NYSED. Now if you'll take the nclex for the state of mexico the best thing to do is ask their edicaation department because they can tell you what you need to complete to take the nclex.. Then if you get your license you can apply for reciprocity in NY state.. I just don't know if there will be a lot of difference in waiting time...