Desperately seeking an RN/CNA mentor...

  1. Help!

    I'm trying to get accepted into BMCC's nursing program. However, my grades are not up to par and it is very competitive. I'm contemplating taking a CNA course and joining 1199 to have better odds in being accepted. 1199 has an arrangement with the school to save seats for members.

    Once becoming a CNA, where would I be able to work part-time with good pay? The pay earned per week determines my eligibility to join the union not the amount of hours, as per 1199 membership department. I have to work part-time because I have a full-time job and am attending school part-time. Please help me! I'm willing to do anything to guarantee a space in the nursing program.


    P.S. I would speak with the nursing department at school but they aren't helpful at all!
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