CUNY Lehman RN-BSN 2012

  1. Hi Everyone,
    This is a mini support thread for this year's RN-BSN students. I figured some of the questions I have others probably have the same too. Can any current students take a poke at some of the rumors i've been hearing? or take a few minuets to answer a some questions? AND any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated. I have an acceptance to lehman too so am trying to decide between here or stony online. THANK YOU!!

    • Are you able to get the classes you need?
    • Advisors / Professors good?
    • most class online or on campus?
    • How many semesters did it take it you to graduate
    • Do you work? how many hours? day or nite?
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  2. Poll: How many semesters did it take you to graduate?

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