CUNY Hunter or Lehman Admission question....

  1. I am a student who is going to be entering Hunter as a transfer student for Fall 2009. I am entering as a History major but I hope to get into the program at Hunter or Lehman.
    I have all of my prereqs complete with B's or above except General Chem(premed level): B-, Organic/Biochemistry:C, Stats: C+, APII: C. I plan on taking these classes over again. My plan is attend Hunter and aim for 3.7-4.0 for the Fall semester and apply for Fall 2010. If I don't get in I will continue there and keep up the good grades and apply again for Fall 2011. If I don't get in I will graduate and apply to the accelerated program at Concordia- I live in Mount Vernon so it's basically in my backyard.
    Anyways, any of you who did get one of the programs at Hunter or Lehman could you tell me your stats, just so I can gauge myself and have an idea what those admins are looking for.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   guiltysins
    I wouldn't recommend Lehman College. I transferred from their last year because their administration is very sloppy, a lot of the students are still on the high school mentality and their nursing program didn't look very put together. Their pre-req requirements also didn't sit well with me. While every program has their different pre-reqs, the main ones such as A&P, Stats and Psych tend to stick throughout every nursing program, this program however does not require you to take any psychology courses. They technically don't require Statistics either, it's just a suggested course. Also Lehman would not work out in your current favor because in the nursing handbook it states that if you retake science pre-reqs they only count the first grade that you received. The nursing program is competitive and you need at least a 3.5 because there are only about 60-70 seats open. Like Hunter you have to apply to the school first and then apply for the program. You don't have to be at Lehman a semester unlike Hunter but the application for nursing has to be completed by March 15th and the chances that Lehman will accept you to their college first by this deadline date are slim to none (CUNY application process is awful I'm sure you know. UPAC takes forever to receive anything). Lehman does NOT have a School of nursing like Hunter does, which might possibly be why it's not put together well. The nursing program is under Division of Natural and Social Sciences meaning there is no dean, no specific nursing advisors, director of admissions or seperation from the other programs at the college.

    I don't know much about Hunter except that it's competitive and they combine the entrance exam scores with your GPA to give an overall rank of the students. Cut off for Hunter would be around a 3.5 as well though. With your grades and the ones you plan on retaking though I think you have a good shot at this program
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  4. by   Blackbeauty93
    So you are saying Lehman Sucks............I am so confused with this and that, \ it is all driving me crazy. I have been accepted to lehman for my MA in Special Ed. I then decided to change curriculum and apply for the College of New Rochelle, because I heard it has a good nursing program. Now I am hearing that because I have a BA in Business Management and a AAS in Medical Administration, and I am currently a Registered Medical Assistant and a Registered Phlebotomy Technician, that the cost for a Second Degree is only Loans.

    Now I ask you what should I do............
  5. by   beedori
    Like Lehman, Hunter also considers ur first grade no matter how many times you repeated. They consider all of your courses such as music, and History with all pre-reqs.
  6. by   MariposaNYC
    You may also want to look into other CUNY schools such as Queens College and CSI (if those are options). I think that Hunter only has 25 spots, and they give them to people who are already enrolled first.
  7. by   ccjus123
    Queens college doesn't have a Nursing program, I think you might mean York College or Queensborough Community College...
  8. by   beedori
    hunter has 100 spots and lehman has 60 spots. But the difference is that, Hunter consider all of ur courses and Lehman only consider science classes. So, your overall GPA is higher than science classes, then apply Hunter.
    oh, one more thing,,
    if u got A+, they consider it as a A. so, you have many grades like A+, B+, your GPA will slgihtly go down.