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Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there applied for CUNY Hunter's generic pathway for fall 2012? Haven't seen a thread anywhere on this site so I thought I'd make one. :)... Read More

  1. by   payw
    Romans 8:28,

    The nursing website says " CHEM 100 (lecture) 101 (lab), and CHEM 120 (lecture) 121(lab) --
    *note: CHEM 102 (lecture) 103 (lab) and CHEM 222 (lecture) 223 (lab) are acceptable substitutions"

    Chemistry 100 and 101 are "Essentials of General Chemistry" lecture and lab.
    Chemistry 120 and 121 are "Essentials of Organic Chemistry" lecture and lab.

    The acceptable substitutions that they mentioned were:
    Chemistry 102 and 103, which is "General Chemistry I" lecture and lab.
    Chemistry 222 and 223, which is "Organic Chemistry I" lecture and lab.

    Since you said that your credits transferred over as Chem 120 lecture with 103 lab and Chem 104 with 105 lab, I would contact the nursing advisor. Transferring credits is very tricky and frustrating. Seems weird to me that your organic chemistry lecture (chem 120) would transfer over with a general chemistry lab (chem 103). Meanwhile you also had transfer credits for chem 104 lecture and chem 105 lab which is "General Chemistry II," which isn't one of the acceptable substitutions listed on the website. Overall, I'd say contact the nursing advisor about it.
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  2. by   Romans 8:28
    Thanks for the info payw. I appreciate it very much.
  3. by   Bk100
    Do any of you have an Associate Degree from another CUNY by any chance? I have a question...
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  4. by   katie0807
    ahhh we find out next month guys!!!!! only a little time left! =)
  5. by   Bk100
    I often find myself looking for information about the Generic program's acceptance stats in the old threads in between studying and I'm having a hard time focusing on the course material because of it hahahah. I wanna know already!
  6. by   LLL555
    Do you know if you are notified by letter in the mail or you're sent an email ?
  7. by   Bk100
    Welcome LLL555,

    From my understanding, all notifications are sent to your Hunter email.
  8. by   LLL555
    Thanks for the warm welcome and reply . Good luck to everyone
  9. by   katie0807
    Hey LLL555!
    are you applying for generic also? =]
  10. by   mush211
    Anybody know how many ppl applied this year?
  11. by   katie0807
    lol i dont think they would disclose that info to us right now
  12. by   gizzel84
    UGHHHHHH The waiting is killing me! I am literally having nightmares about this!!!

    I don't know about you guys, but the next person to ask me "Have you heard from Hunter yet?" Is going to get slapped!!

    Sorry had a moment. I hope all your courses are going well!
  13. by   gizzel84
    I got in! I got in! I was accepted to the Generic Pathway!

    How about you guys???