CNA to LPN in NYC?

  1. I'm currently working per diem as a CNA in NYC, and have been trying in vain for the past 3 months to find a regular position -- I have NEVER been in a city where salaried CNA positions are such an exclusive club! So I'm looking into getting my LPN, because there seems to be much more demand for this degree in New York City.

    My question is this: I've heard that you can take the state exam to be a CNA after one semester of an LPN program. Does it go the other way? That is, can I make LPN school shorter and cheaper by having my CNA? I also have a year experience administering medications as a Medication Aide in assisted living.

    I should also mention that I've already taken a battery of basic science classes for application to medical school (my dream is to be a geriatric doctor -- my main motivation for working in long term care facilities), but having only a 3.1~3.2 GPA, I need to have a backup plan. Preferably one that pays the bills -- this per diem CNA work sure doesn't.
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  3. by   girls1
    You Can't Make Lpn School Shorter. It's Like An Rn Program. There Are No Shortcuts. Actually, If You Are An Lpn You Can Do A Fast Track Rn Program In Some Schools. But As A Cna, You Still Have To Do The Full Year Of Lpn Training.'
    The Board Of Ed Has An Inexpensive Progam That Lasts 10 Months.
    They Start Every Septmeber And End In July (the Last Month Is Actually A Review For The State Boards). Anyway, You Need To Call Them In December For A Date To Go In And Pick Up And Application Packet. You Fill It Out And They Send You A Test Date. You Can Buy Study Materials For The Exam. It Is Reading Comprhension, Voacabulary And Math.
    You Can Call Them At 212-666-1919. Mid Manhattan Adult Learning Center Is What It's Called And The Tuition Is Usually About $2,000.
    This Is The Least Expensive Lpn School In The Area. A Few Community Colleges Also Have Programs But They Are Part-time Evening Programs That Last 18 Months-with Your Prerequistes, You Could Do Your Rn With Just One More Semester.
    Best Of Luck!