City Tech Nursing Spring '19

  1. Hi all,

    I am going to apply to City Tech Nursing AAS for Spring 2019. I have not yet done the TEAS exam but would like some feedback on it's difficulty. I have an A in MAT 1190, A in PSY 1101, B in ENG 1101 (but I was told I can replace it with my A- from ENG 1121) If I replace the B with the A- for english and get a B in A&P my gpa will be 3.6 if I get a B+ then I will have a 3.7. Other students have told me they know of students that have taken the TEAS exam multiple times and have been accepted into the program. First, I'd like to know about my chances getting in with a B or B+ in A&P, second, does City Tech actually let you replace one class grade as I've been told and lastly, can you take the TEAS exam more than once?

    Any info/tips, really appreciated!

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  3. by   pandagyrrl
    Hi! I'll be applying with you this semester too. From my understanding city tech lets you replace one grade if its less than a C. Also for the TEAS exam, we can take it once per application cycle and a total of 2 times. Hopes this helps!