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  1. Hello All,

    I appreciate the opportunity to be able to have a place like this in order to bounce a few things around. Hopefully, I will get some good feedback. I am sure I will.

    I am almost 35, live near Albany, NY and I am a legal assistant. I have wanted to be a nurse since junior high school. There always seemed to be a reason not to do it and if I had a problem coming up with one, there was never a shortage of negative people to remind me that science was never my strong suit and that mucus makes me gag. So, I went a safe way.....and 17 years later, I am bored and unfulfilled.

    I am going to an Open House at a local nursing school tonight. My question is this....can I do this? Can I work and pay my mortage and afford school and really succeed at this stage of my life? Has anyone else out there done it? I am excited and terrified at the same time.

    Also, is it best to get the LPN and work and go onto the RN or should it be a straight shot to the RN? I know these decisions are ultimately mine but it would be nice to hear an opinion.

    Thanks so much for listening.
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  3. by   dramaluvr
    I don't know if I can help much as I am starting the nursing program this fall, but I have been taking my prereqs full time while working full time and raising two children. My husband is in medical school and is never home. I have been a medical transcriptionist for ten years and have loved the medical field, but hate being behind the scenes. So far, school has been great. I love going back and today just found out I got 95% on my mid-term anatomy exam. I make time for my children because I need to and I need their emotional support, as well as my husband's.

    I think all you need is to believe in yourself and you can make it happen. I know that going back to school now I have so much more of a desire and I put so much more effort into it than I did before. If it is something you really want go after it! Nothing should stop you. Don't let yourself think you can't do it because you can.
  4. by   purplemania
    I think the LVN route is a waste of time as it caps your salary (low to begin with) too soon. Much more opportunity as RN for salary increases and job variety. As for the rest, well, I started ADN school at age 45, while working full time as surg. tech. After I got RN I contined to work full time and get BSN. So it can be done, but you AND YOUR FAMILY have to be committed to the cause. The time will pass anyway, so you might as well be doing something you like.
  5. by   purplemania
    forgot to add that the financial aid dept. of the nursing school should help you find $$. If not, look at sites on the web including Tylenol and Johnson& Johnson.