Buffalo NY area pay rates

  1. I am moving to Buffalo NY. Can someone please tell me about the pay rates for the hospitals and also for travel nurses, which agencies are good? Has anyone had any encounter with Access Nurses???
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  3. by   fawnsternurse
    I dont know if this helps or not, but I am a born n raised Buffalonian and have been a travel nurse for a number of years. I am returning to the Buffalo area due to family etc
    However I expect to have my wages dropped considerably.
    I believe that wages in Buffalo depending on what you are doing could go anywhere from 16.00 per hour (FT) to 30.00 per diem, and everything in between.
    The pay is on the low side. Jobs are diffiicult to find.
    Travel nursing is a different breed.
    The reason why Buffalo now NEEDS travel nurses is because intially they have not paid their nurses well and unfortunately have a rep of not treating their nurses well. Hence they all moved to greener pastures and now have such a need for nurses that they are having no choice but to pay for travel nurses.
    Its a shame. When will people get it? If you pay your nurses well, treat them well, they will not have a need to leave for greener pastures.
    Good Luck.
    If you find something let me know. I will be back within the month.