Brockport BSN students?!

  1. So excited to be starting the accelerated BSN program at Brockport in May!!!I would love to hear from current BSN students... I'm anxiously awaiting more info from admissions and the nursing department as I know virtually nothing about the program aside from that I've been accepted. They have the course sequence posted for the accelerated program, but that's it... Still waiting on the orientation dates and other registration info : )
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  3. by   RosaleiMae
    Any Brockport nursing students on here?
  4. by   RosaleiMae
    Still no one?
  5. by   flowers_123
    Congrats....I got in too and I'll be coming from NYC, don't really know what to expect and the living expenses
  6. by   RosaleiMae
    Quote from nurse_michy
    Congrats....I got in too and I'll be coming from NYC, don't really know what to expect and the living expenses
    Oh compared to NYC the living expenses are reasonable. We live in a suburb on the east side of Rochester, maybe a 20-30min drive to Brockport. I don't have any experience w/ SUNY Brockport... both of my degrees are from other schools. I know they have a solid BSN program and I'm sure our program will be great...maybe a bit rocky the first semester or so, since it's so brand new.

    I will admit that our schedule was a bit confusing at first too, but I'm sure it'll all be clearer soon : )

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    Quote from nurse_michy
    Congrats....I got in too and I'll be coming from NYC, don't really know what to expect and the living expenses

    I was recently accepted into Brockport's Accelerated program beginning May 2014 and was wondering if anyone who is currently enrolled has any advice, tips, or just thoughts about the program (do you like clinicals, professors, courses, schedule). I am debating between Brockport and a higher profile program, which is nearly triple the cost (when I take into account living expenses). Thanks for your help!!!
  8. by   FredWurlitzer
    I got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday and I'm very excited as well! I also live in Rochester and plan on commuting. Like everyone else asking, if anyone can comment on the program it'd be greatly appreciated. From what I understand, last year was the first year they offered the program. I actually spoke with someone from admissions on the phone back in September and the lady I spoke with claims they only had 40 something applicants last year?? Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  9. by   jhizzyo
    Can you guys give me a brief summary of what your application to this program looked like (GPA, experience, etc)?
  10. by   FredWurlitzer
    Depending on where you got your first bachelors will determine what kind of application you fill out. I received my first from Brockport so I only had to fill out the "readmit" application. I graduated from Brockport with a degree in Ex. Phys. with a 3.4ish GPA, which I believe they use as their main criteria in regards to selecting applicants (I could be wrong). As far as experience is concerned, there were no questions on my application asking me about clinical experience/observations/volunteering. I currently have minimal experience (cardiac rehab) and am jumping into this head-on, ready to learn.
  11. by   shell516
    I am interested in applying for the accelerated program for 2015, I am finishing up the science pre-reqs.. I will apply this September, but will still have 2 sciences to take. How often do they take students that need to finish up pre-req's, assuming they will be completed by the start of May?
  12. by   jseg04
    shell516 did you apply for the Summer 2015 cohort? I applied! The wait is killing me though. Can anyone on here that is currently in the program give us any feedback on it? Do you know how many students are in your cohort? I will be a readmit student since I received my 1st BS degree from Brockport, I am hoping that plays in my favor. There are not many threads on Bport's program
  13. by   shell516
    Yes, I applied for Summer 2015 cohort. I am a readmit too.
  14. by   shell516

    I'm looking into applying for U of R just in case but it's crazy expensive as you said.. Any other options you see? Maybe UB or Binghamton, but there are extra classes to take.. I have a 3.5 gpa undergrad and all A's in my sciences. just need to take Micro in the spring.. many years Healthcare Admin experience.