Are LPNs used in NYC hospitals?

  1. Just trying to get some feedback to the above question. If so can anyone tell me what the average pay is for a new grad? Are there transition programs available (LPN TO RN)? Thanks for any help you can give regarding this matter.
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  3. by   ProfRN4
    In my experience, not really. Some are grandfathered in, some have been re-engineered to more of a tech-type of position, and the rest are basically in nursing homes. Don't think you can get a hospital position as a new hire. Are you already an LPN? There are transition programs. Some in the colloeges require tou to challenge the first (AND MAYBE THE 2ND) semester, to get the ADN. Helene Fuld (in Manhattan) offers a transition program- less than 1 yr- but brutal from what I've heard.