Anyone attend NYP Cornell Open house in April?

  1. I was wondering if anyone went to the NYP Cornell open house back in April - and attempted to get a job thereafter.
    If so, have you heard back?? I submitted an application , etc.... - and am still waiting. I was wondering if anyone had another experience. Thanks!
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  3. by   truejewel82
    Just wondering if you heard back from NYP, I'm REALLY thinking about that hospital after I graduate...did you find the open house helpful? Did you follow up with them?
  4. by   french01
    Hi. No, I still haven't heard. I did send a note to the nursing recruiter and one of the nurse managers - as well as an email - still nothing. The open house was helpful, if not a bit disorganized. I think a more "aggressive" approach would have been more helpful - there were about 100 people there trying to get work.... Good luck!!