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  1. by   JuniperLee
    I still need to finish a few chapters! But I am definitely pumped up for tomorrow. So, I guess we only need to bring in all our papers and such for Professor Kilts? And of course, a notebook and writing utensils,haha
  2. by   hjohanss
    Class is at 9am? Right?
  3. by   CP1983
    WOW, 70 dollars, that's worse than 50 (I thought 50 dollars was alot). Well, I guess it depends on how I feel. I have problem feet so I need to try them on. Maybe if I can get my size, I will just try to google them and order them. If not, I will just buy them from the store. I guess since I am newbie at this, I am not trying to cut corners right now, lol. I guess I just want to get the "correct" stuff sinc BMCC are picky about their uniforms, shoes and everything else, lol.

    Yeah, I am so nervous but very excited. I am half way down with the chapters reading and will try to finish up everything tonight when I get home. I am also nervous about the math review because I am not sure what we have to remember. Is it just the regular decimals, fractions, multiplication stuff or is it the medical dosage questions because I didn't refresh on the dosage questions. And I may have to buy another book, I can't find my old one from a year ago...
  4. by   JuniperLee
    Correct. Room S764

    What's your name?
  5. by   JuniperLee
    Hey CP1983!

    I have everything written down and if you want, I can show you the packets they gave us and you can make copies of them tomorrow after class. But yes, we need to know and be comfortable with systems of measurment, roman numerals, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion and percentages. We also need to know the metric system, apothecary and household systems, converting within and between systems and other conversions
  6. by   hjohanss
    Name is Hunter. And yes you will without a doubt have to know dosage questions.
  7. by   JuniperLee
    Nice to meet you, Hunter. Name is Clarisse. Oh yes, dosage calculations will be a definite. I wonder how tomorrow will be....
  8. by   CP1983
    Hi JuniperLee!

    I appreciate that so much! Wow, they gave packets?! I really should've told my boss and not came in to work, lol. But thanks, I would definitely need copies. I just sent you a PM! I will be sitting in front of the class, actually since I have trouble seeing from the back (and I wear glasses, lol)
  9. by   CP1983
    I will probably be at school by 8:30, as well. If the door is close, I guess I will be waiting or sitting outside on the bench or soemthing.
  10. by   JuniperLee
    Hey CP1983!

    Hehe, I received your PM and messaged you back! Hope to hear from you soon. DOn't worry, I would like to get a spot at the front as well, because I, too, wear glasses 8-) lol
  11. by   CP1983
    Good morning Juniperlee!

    My computer was acting up yesterday or maybe it was the website! Not sure but when I got home, I read the fourth required reading and went to bed, lol. Which isn't good because the last two chapters, especially health assessment requires more time and I need to be awake so I think I may take my text with me but it depends. But I responded to your PM! Anyway, I will try to read at least half of chap 30 now! See you soon!
  12. by   ddeguzman2
    Hi CP1983,
    Thank you very much for the reply to my GPA inquiry. Goodluck on the program and looking forward to get updates from all of you on how it's going!

  13. by   Jennifer1001
    Hey everyone! This is my second semester at BMCC and I just spoke with Sierra today. My overall GPA is 3.84 and I'm still taking pre-reqs. So far my grades are as follows: ENG 101 B+ ; MAT 104 A ; CHE 121 A ; SOC 100 A. I'm currently taking the rest of my pre-clinical requirements (PSY 100 & BIO 425) and am extremely nervous.

    I'd just like to know if the admissions process was difficult for any of you. What would I have to do in order to guarantee my spot for Fall 2010 (if possible) ? I feel very intimidated by what everyone says and wanted to know if they're true or not!

    Thanks so much :]