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  1. by   JuniperLee
    Ah! I just got a call literally a few minutes after I posted my response! Haha, phew!
  2. by   Jns77
    Comgrats! So they must still be calling more today
  3. by   CP1983
    I GOT A CALL YESTERDAY. I was going crazy that I had to step out the office and talk to my bf. I was very He is very excited, too. I wanted to tell all of you yesterday but I had to break the news to my bosses. They are happy for me but not happy that I have to leave so it was very emotional yesterday. Congrats to all who received a call. Hopefully, I don't have to see the lady that called me. I asked her one question and she keeps saying you just have to come in to get your packet. She had a slight attitude but who cares? I am in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am picking up my packet, today after work!
  4. by   CP1983
    I am excited and terrified at the same time, lol! I started looking up the professors and so far, is not on my list. But either way, if I have to take her then I guess I will have to deal with it. Did everyone get their packets already?
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  5. by   CP1983
    LOL I have to get back to work but I am so emotional that I really can't contain myself. I am so happy for all of you and I can't wait to meet everyone! Going forward, my attitude is going to be positive even when we face all the difficult obstacles (practicals, care plans, LOTS OF READING). My cousin is in the CSI (College of Staten Island) and she told me that I should start reading as soon as I get my text so I guess after we have orientation and registration, I will hit the books. Again, congrats to all of you!
  6. by   Jns77
    Yay! Congested again! I was in the morning class and loved my prof. I think though both prof are good from what I've heard. But you def need to start reading because it's gonna be hard the first couple of weeks if you don't. if you have any questions please feel free to ask
  7. by   panijc
    I got in for Spring10 evenings. Bought the packet of books from Manhattan Books. The main textbook is ridiculously heavy! I will be using my bag with wheels if we have to carry that around. I have some questions, but am just trying to write them down to address at orientation. But maybe some of you many know: as far as the required physical, do you know how far back they will accept? My last annual was in July, and I really dont want to spend $ to have one that is not covered by my insurance.
  8. by   Jns77
    Hi! I think july is ok but if I'm not mistaken you need to get the ppd twice. That's what I had to do last semester. Also I had to get some vaccines. But if you have all that then you should be ok. Your md just has to fill out the paperwork. They don't require you to bring the textbook to class unless you want to. Some of my classemates would actually rip the chapters out of the book because it came out easy and neatly. What another girl did was she went to staples and they took the book apart and put 3 holes into the pages and put it into a binder. Similar to the a& p books at bmcc.
  9. by   hjohanss
    How do I register for the BMCC BCLS course? Should I do that course or the AHA course? Thanks!
  10. by   Jns77
    For the bcls at bmcc go to the main website and do a search for CPR or bcls and it should come up and you have to call a number. I think I have it written somewhere if I find it I will post it.
  11. by   hjohanss
    I found it. Does anyone know the class/promotional code so I can $30??? Thanks JNS77
  12. by   JuniperLee
    Can't wait to see all of you! Congrats to all! And thank you!
  13. by   Princesskinany
    I spoke with Mr. Sierra yesterday and the cut-off for days was 3.86 and Evenings were 3.77...