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  1. by   hjohanss
    What letter does there last name begin with? Maybe they are going alphabetical.
  2. by   Jns77
    They called alphabetical last time so I think that's what they are doing..her last name began with a. Last semester they called us friday after 5 pm and continued calling until monday the following week..
  3. by   hjohanss
    So unnverving. Man. My last name begins with a "J" so maybe tomorrow? AHHHhhh
  4. by   d89_rule
    Hi All,

    My last name starts with "d" and I just got a call for the evening program.

    I am soooo happy. I am at work so I have to tone it down; but, I am just overly excited.

    All my friends in the program told me I would get in, but I wasn't sure. I was really making myself sick, over the past two weeks.

    I am finally in and it was and it will be worth the effort.

    Good Luck Everyone.
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  5. by   Jns77
    Congrats!Did anyone else get called?
  6. by   hjohanss
    Still waiting...My last name letter is "J"
  7. by   Jns77
    Maybe they are taking a break or will call tomorrow the rest. It stinks waiting though! Your gpa is high. My friend got the call for night program and hers was a 3.84 but her last name was at g. This happened last semester half the class got calls Monday morning and had to wait all weekend
  8. by   hjohanss
    I GOT THE CALL!!! I AM IN!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Thank you all for the support!
  9. by   Jns77
    Yay! Congrats!!! I told you not to worry and you got it! If you ever need any help don't hesitate to ask!
  10. by   d89_rule

    BTW does anyone know what the required gpa for admission both day and evening?

    I am just curious to know. A friend spoke with ****** regarding changing to days and he flipped through some pages and told her a lot of people for days had a 4.0. She only had a 3.84. Anyway, she did get in, as well as I, with a 3.91 for evening.

    I am so very very happy.

    Again, Congratulations to All!
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  11. by   Jns77
    Hi I am not too sure but one of my friends got a 3.84 for the evening and got in but my other friend has a3.78 and no call yet
  12. by   JuniperLee
    Hey everyone!

    Congratulations to those who already received the acceptance call. I am still waiting for the call and I applied for the day program. My pre-clinical gpa is a 4.0 (All A's in the four pre-reqs) and my overall gpa is a 4.0 as well. My friend who is going into her second semester in nursing told me not to worry and that I will definitely get in, but no call yet. I am so scared and nervous! My last name begins with ''Q''
  13. by   Jns77
    Hey! You should call the nursing dept. My friend got a call yesterday and her last name begins with s and got her call at 5. Maybe they are still calling but am not sure.