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I just met with an admissions counselor and she told me that given my GPA and NET results, I will get admitted. I applied for the undergraduate program as a transfer student. I took a look at the... Read More

  1. by   shadaygreen
    If you leave now u would have wasted a year and the tuition. Is it that bad that u cant stick it out. There is no guarantee that the next school would be that much better. I just got accepted for fall and I hope my experience is different from urs. Either way I would stick it out. Are u failing any classes at the moment? Have u failed any?
  2. by   jaja1234
    No I haven't failed and do not intend to. I already have a bachelors degree from Rutgers and I can graduate 6 months earlier if I attend the other school. I know. I may just stick it out but I prefer to graduate in 2011 than in 2012. Since this is my 2nd degree I just want to finish quickly.

    I have gotten straight Bs in nursing courses and I am normally an A/B student. I recommend that you do not work and if you work, work during nights or part-time.
    Keep in mind that anything below a C+ is failing. The average number of nursing exams are usually three and very few professors give quizzes. So you must be very careful.

    Best Wishes. I may just bump into you on campus in The Fall I attend the Manhattan campus. -Jessica
  3. by   Nicole.Amina
    I've also been accepted to Adelphi for Fall 2010 and now I'm a bit nervous lol. Have you found that other students are generally willing to help and form study groups?

    Also, is the Manhattan campus' nursing program much different than the Garden city campus? I didnt realize that their Manhattan campus also had a nursing program. I'm going to have to call them and find out if I can transfer. I'd much rather be in the city than in Long Island.

  4. by   scorpias
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm actually planning to transfer to Adelphi to pursue a Biology undergraduate degree. As you all are nursing students I believe that you would have/are going to come into contact with some of the same professors I would.

    Can you pleeaase give me some insight on the sciences at Adelphi? How are the labs and lectures? The school seems to be big on the performing arts scene. What about sciences? I want to make sure I'm getting a solid science foundation.

    I appreciate you're advice