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  1. Hi everyone! I just completed my prerequisites and I am wondering if anyone knows of schools for second degree students that does not require an admissions exam- particularly an accelerated program. So far, I have heard about NYU. . . recently attended an open house and the admissions advisor quoted a price of $62,000. Also, it was mentioned that the admissions committee accepts approximately 35% of the applicants. Are there other programs out there in the NYC tri-state area that anyone could recommend?
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  3. by   Curls105
    The second degree programs that I have applied to are Suny Downstate which is in Brooklyn, Suny Stonybrook which is on Long Island and NYU. You can also try Rutgers which is in New Jersey but close to the city and Columbia has an entry to practice program which you could do for a year to get the BSN and then decide whether or not to continue on to the Master's portion. Good luck!
  4. by   kgrands
    There's also a 12mth program at Pace University. A little cheaper than NYU but still private.
  5. by   3Triages
    Thank you Curls105 and kgrands. I will investigate these programs. Do any of you know if its too late to apply to the above schools for the Fall semester or is it adviseable to apply for Spring 08?
  6. by   nycstudent
    I heard about NYU's acceptance rate being about 35%. Does anyone know what it is for Pace? Downstate?
  7. by   3Triages
    Good Question- Downstate and Pace did not specify a percentage of accepted applicants.