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Hello :)

I'm currently a telemetry nurse in Nevada who is planning on making a very big move this summer to New York City after having been a nurse for only a little more than a year. My long-term boyfriend was just accepted into medical school, and we decided to make life easier on ourselves by not having a long distance relationship. It seems like the right decision, but I'm afraid I'd be making a very big mistake.

I came into nursing fearing the worst, but ended up working on a unit with great leadership and support. That being said, I know how rare such a positive job experience this can be. In addition, I know how difficult it is to get a job in a place like New York City, which is saturated with RN's at this point and (from what the news has told me) seems to be closing down hospitals left and right...

I'm nervous that moving will be a huge mistake. I'm trying to be smart about this. I hope to have my NY license before the move, a NY address (so they take me a little more seriously) but I'm not sure what else to do?

Questions that flood my mind are...

What is nurse culture like in New York City? How risky would it be to move without employement first? and, What do I need to do to be a more competitive applicant?

Thank you for reading :) :)


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Have you checked out the NY state forum? Many posting there of issues finding work so be aware you may have problems


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I did some travel nursing in nyc (psych) might want to see what the travel companies are advertising for (try Onward, /Supplemental, American see what hospitals are looking might even want to start with a travel contract since you are experienced.. there are also per diem agencies....the summer is coming and nurses will be taking vacation...