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New York License -- How Long?

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What are the greatest things to do in NYC?

  1. 1. What are the greatest things to do in NYC?

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      art museums
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      Central Park
    • 3
      variety of people
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      variety of life
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      not having to drive a car
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      all of the tourist attractions

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Hi- I am a traveling RN and I've just Fed-Exed my application to NY, as well as my verifications of education to my school and my verification of licensure from my original state. I've also taken the "Mandatory Abuse Reporting" course over the internet and the site stated that my passing results would be sent to the board within 24 hours. It usually takes my original state two weeks to send in my info, as well as my nursing school. Once the board receives these, approximately how long did it take any of you to actually get the license? I've heard horror stories, but if I don't get it by the end of January I will lose my travel assignment. Can you help? Thanks!!!! I am new to these forums. Sara V.

:) Thank you very much!

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