New york city nurses. Help!


Hello Fellows!

my name in Teresa and I just passed the NCLEX!

I am a nurse from Spain who would like to start working in NYC. I was interesting in the ER field. However, I feel that I should listen to other nurses about their experiences because this system seems complicated for me. I have no idea about Unions, what is the difference between working in a public or private hospital.

Could you help a little to clarify this?

Thank you all!


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In order to decide what is the best for you, RN from Spain, you have a BIG advantage you are fluent in Spanish.

It is a huge demand in every medical setting, you could get better salary in privet hospital, since you have this "special/additional " skill.

Every worker decide what is the best setting for him: hospital, primary care, privet setting/ union.

The systems are big and they have local changes.

The medical system is different from all European system.

The union salary is lower, since you have a "union" back up, vacation, sick days, medical insurance and other. advantage: in the past it was not easy to getting rid of older/sick/disabled workers, so it was good for the worker and now the system is changed. disadvantage : salary is low the worker that works harder gets the same pay as "lazy" worker and it is difficult foe managers to fight against unions In Europe there are 90% union hospitals and may be 10% private.

In Private hospital the salary is supposed to be higher - since there is a competitive system for quality, checked by insurances and by clients and families.

disadvantage: you could loose you job immediately because of many managing reasonable changes in the system. even if you are the best worker.

In both Union and Private settings you need to work and be professional

Example: in Arms Acres Carmel inpatient hospital with union they have the medical insurance is in "low quality" and expansive, so it s a question if I want to work there 36 hr a week and get this "benefits".

Before any decision it is better to work "per diem" means "per day" or "by the day."

Other example Montefiore Hospital Bronx they pay for per diem (53 $ for one hour and in North-well ( North shore LIG in the past) they pay for per diem 42$ for one hour.

Both privet hospitals are with high quality of care and the equipment is "the newest" and the treatment care is "best of the best"

You should decide what is the best for you.